Attention Seeking Behavior

Attention Seeking Behavior

In this article, we will talk about attention seeking behavior. A lot of people are becoming attention seekers nowadays. And they are proud of that because when they get the attention they feel good. So what are the pros and cons of attention seeking behavior? In this article, I will throw some light on it so that you can get some valuable insights and wisdom.

Not A Prediction

In my article about long distance relationship problems, I have said that a lot of my friends belong to affluent backgrounds. They don’t have any tension or worry about their future so they waste their time recklessly. They drink, smoke, and party every day.
I am one hundred percent sure that sooner or later they will suffer immensely. It is not a prediction. Nor I am saying this because I am jealous of them. By god’s grace, I have everything. I am saying this because I know that no one can live happily by dodging life. You might be thinking what this all has to do with attention seeking behavior? Don’t worry you will get your answer before the end of this article.
Life is very brief. The time that we all have is very limited. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t realize this when they are young and active. When people reach their last phase of life then suddenly they experience tremendous terror. This is because they suddenly realize that they have wasted their entire life and time.
Such people will die a very horrible death. This will happen not because of any pain or disease rather because of fear and terror.
If someone can’t even die peacefully then for me he/she is a very big failure. It doesn’t matter what position or social status they have acquired. They lived an unsuccessful life.


Dragging Oneself

Lived in arrogance.

A life full of greed.

Thought it was the best way.

Later realized it was the most foolish.

Roamed everywhere in full proud and swagger.

Now suffering each and every moment of life.

You ignored the source.Reached the perks of ignorance.

Now time to fall.

Unfortunate, the one who cannot even die peacefully,

a wasted life indeed.

The last phase of life is not bringing misery.

It is just reminding you of the reality.

You ignored it and expected well-being.

A complete waste of life.

We must always stay in touch with the ultimate truth of life.

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A lot of people fear to come in a relationship because of their bitter experiences of the past relationships. They have concluded that relationship means pain and suffering.
They are wrong because they do not know the difference between attachment and love. The attachment means you are depending on someone or something for your happiness, joy or fun. Certain person or thing is your only source of your happiness.
There is a very popular saying that we must not put all the eggs in one basket. This is usually said when someone is investing his money in buying stocks. If he will put all his money in buying one stock then there is a very high chance that he will lose all his money. On the other hand, if he will distribute his money in buying different stocks then his chances of success is very high.
Loving someone is a very good thing. The world needs more love and compassion. But you must not be attached to someone or something. Being attached to someone or something is a sure way to invite suffering in your life.
In my book Peace of mind Say Goodbye to boredom I have given many powerful tips which will make bliss, joy and fun your constant companion. There is no other book like this. The beauty of this book is that you can practice all the methods given in this book in your day to day life.
Attention seeking behavior is also a type of attachment. In other words, it can be seen as an addiction. Let me tell you something very clearly it is not healthy in long term.

Marilyn Monroe

A lot of people don’t see anything wrong in attention seeking behavior. All the big textile and cosmetic companies want people to become attention seekers because their sales and profit comes from it.
I am neither against anything nor advising you to stop doing something that you love. In this article, I am just warning you. Attention seeking behavior is very unhealthy in long term.
Almost every one of us knows Marilyn Monroe. During her golden time, she reached the perks of stardom. She acquired a lot of wealth and fame in her life.
From a very young age, she became an attention seeker. She used to dress in a certain way so that it catches the attention of the people around her. She engineered her tone of voice, body language and other things in such a way that no one can go untouched by her charm.
She cast a spell on everyone who came in her contact. But as the time passes her charm and elegance starts fading. She became terrorized because the attention that she used to receive was her only source of happiness.
To regain her beauty and elegance she tried so many things. But unfortunately, it is almost impossible to reverse the aging process.
After some time she lost her mental balance as she lost all the attention that she used to receive. In the end, she committed suicide. She died a very horrible death. Will you call this a successful life?

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