Attachment Disorder Symptoms In Adults

Attachment Disorder Symptoms In Adults

This article will tell you about the attachment disorder symptoms in adults. If you are old enough and have a very rich experience of life then you might know that attachment first take us in the euphoric state but after some time it pushes us down from a great height.
A lot of people fear to love someone or come in a relationship. They fear because of their bitter life experiences. In this article, I will try to give you some valuable insights. So what are the symptoms of attachment disorder? Let’s find out.

What Is An Attachment?

The attachment means you depend on someone or something for your happiness and fun. In this context consumption of alcohol, smoking etc is also a type of attachment. When you just have a single source in your life which can give you pleasantness then you are a victim of attachment.
Now if you will act like a victim then you are most likely to be treated as one. If you don’t want to suffer then stop giving yourself labels like I have an attachment disorder.
Once you will give yourself such labels then you will feel helpless. If you want to live a balanced life then you must strive to create more reliable sources of happiness and pleasantness for yourself.

I Am Helpless

Are you ready to hear a story? I don’t think there is anyone in this world who hates to hear the story. I still remember my music sir. He uses to come in our class as a substitute for the teacher who is absent. All of us use to become very happy when we see him in our class because he tells us a story and we all love it.
Once upon a time, there was a sage who used to live in one of the villages of India. He was a very wise man. One day he holds one of the poles of the village. It was not an electric pole because this happened before Michael Faraday. It was a normal pole.
He holded the pole and started screaming please save me from this pole. This pole is holding me. All the villagers gathered. They started thinking what is wrong with our sage? Pole is not holding him. He is holding the pole.
Everyone respected him so they remained silent. One old man went to him and said Guruji the pole is not holding you. You are holding the pole.
The sage said you are absolutely right. You all can clearly see that I am holding the pole. The pole is not holding me. Whenever I want to free myself I can leave this pole. Similarly, your problems are not holding you. You are holding your problems. It’s time to leave them.

Your Emotions Can Take You To Great Heights

Don’t worry I am not going to talk about people who have reached great heights in their life after relationship failure. There are many people like this but right now I will tell the power of your emotions. You might be thinking that how all this is related to our topic attachment disorder symptoms in adults?
Let me tell you one more story. This will tell you how all this is related to our topic attachment disorder symptoms in adults and will help you get over your attachment disorder forever.
India has more than 10000 years of written history. In India, people are going to pilgrims for thousands of years. Among all the piligrims Mount Kailash is considered as the ultimate pilgrim destination.

Going there is very tough because it is thousands of kilometers above the sea level and the temperatures of that place is below zero degree celsius most of the time.
Physically it is very tough. It takes a lot of will and different type of fire within to reach Kailash. Today we have all type of transport systems but still, it is hard to reach there. At that time reaching there is no less than a miracle. You can imagine the type of fire which was burning within those people.
There was an old man whose age was over 65 years. He announced in his village that he will go to Kailash. People said are you mad? You don’t have enough strength in your limbs to go there. But a different type of fire was burning within that man.
He said my heart is already there. Now my physical body shall anyway reach there. And guess what he reached Kailash. The question is how?
He said his heart is already there. This means he raised his emotions to a different level. He wanted to go there at all cost so he raised his emotions beyond the threshold. Now there was no force in the entire cosmos which could have stopped him from reaching there. Your emotions are not a curse. It is a very powerful tool. We all can use it and reach great heights in our life.

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