Anxiety In Relationships

Anxiety In Relationships

This article is about anxiety in relationships. We all are familiar with that uncomfortable feeling which causes nervousness. This happens because we are worried about what might happen. Let’s find out how to combat anxiety in relationships.

Is It A Deception?

Once there was a mountain climber who was climbing one of the mountains of south India. He was a professional mountaineer. He had years of training and experience with him. He started climbing the mountain during the noon. As he was very focused on climbing, he lost his sense of time. When we are very happy or very much involved in something then time just flies in our experience, the same happened with that mountaineer.
He reached the mountaintop. He was very focused while climbing so he forgot to keep an eye on the time. It became dark after the sunset to a point that he can’t see anything. He was a professional mountaineer but on that day he misjudged the amount of time he will take to climb the mountain. He though he will come back before the sunset but his judgment was wrong. He is at the mountain top with no light because he didn’t carry any torch or lighter with him.
He was paralyzed by fear as he thought he is at the ledge and if he will move then he will fall hundreds of feet down. So he remained frozen in that place for the whole night. Throughout the night he was fearful. When the first rays of the sun fell he started laughing because just behind him there was a huge platform on which he can easily seat and there was no danger. The ledge was very far.
So as you can see from this story that there is nothing like fear in actuality. In many cases, there is no danger. It is just in our mind we create things which don’t even exist. Don’t you think it is ridiculous for a human being to be ruled by something which doesn’t even exist?

Anxiety in Relationships

Most of the time we are just overthinking because of this we create things in your mind that don’t even exist.
Just give some focused time to yourself. Focused time means during that time you must not use or check your phone, watch television, listen to music or any other thing which can cause a distraction.
During that time strive to bring some clarity to your life. Think about your life and relationship. Plan your life and think about the future of your relationship. Plan everything. Ask yourself what all things you want from your life and relationship. Make a list and plan, how you will achieve it. It will kill anxiety forever. The only thing constant in life is constant. So make sure you are flexible enough in your approach.

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