Alcohol and relationships: what about this cocktail

Alcohol and relationships: what about this cocktail?

Alcohol and Relationships

In my book TRANSCEND COMPULSIVENESS I have said that nowadays the use of alcohol and substance abuse is increasing like never before. The problem with today’s world is that people are doing all types of nasty things in the name of freedom. The truth is most of the people who claim that they are free to do anything are not enjoying freedom rather they are the slaves of their addictions and compulsiveness.

If we are free to do whatever we want to do in whatever time we wish then this is called freedom. On the other hand when something, for example, someone’s addiction forces him to do something right now then this is not called freedom, this is called slavery.

In this article, we will talk about alcohol and relationships. In most of the cases, regular consumption of alcohol causes domestic violenceverbal fights etc. Let me tell you one thing very clearly that I am not against anything but when we have the freedom to do whatever we wish to do then it is very important that we use it very wisely and responsibly.

It Creates Indifference

In my article, what is love all about I have said that in the beginning, almost every relationship is full of fun and excitement. But as the time passes it become stagnant and dull.

Unfortunately, there are many married couples who are living together just because they do not want to face the consequences of separation. I know a lot of married couples like this.

Such couples live together under the same roof but there is no intimacy or love between them. There was a time when their heart was very fertile and emotions like love and devotion were coming out of it in abundance but now it is a barren land.

One of the reasons behind the exponential growth of indifference in today’s society is alcohol. Some people think that it is a good thing because it takes away all the fear and anxiety for some time. A drunkard is fearless there is no doubt about it but if we will become fearless without using our senses then we will fall in the gutter. Fearlessness without sense is of no use. It will only invite troubles in your life. In most of the relationships wives or girlfriends don’t like their partner’s drinking habit because every time their partner drinks they have a fight or their partner becomes abusive.

A lot of relationships break because of small-small issues. There are few people who can’t face the consequences of separation as I told so they become indifferent. It is a defense mechanism. They think it is better to become indifferent for that person than to engage in an everyday fight. The cocktail of alcohol and relationships is not good at all for the relationships in long term. So if you really care about your relationships then please become little conscious.

Alcohol Triggers Violence

In my college, there are separate hostels for juniors and seniors. When I was a junior then at that time the atmosphere of our hostel was very pleasant. We use to have a lot of fun.

But when we became seniors and moved to another hostel then suddenly I realized that the same people who were very jolly and happy became very frustrated within themselves. There may be a lot of reasons for that namely boredom, the tension of the future, expectations of the teachers and the parents etc.  After few days we witnessed some type of fight or violence every evening in our hostel.

Once a human being develops frustration within himself then after some time this frustration comes out in the form of rage. Nowadays people have a lot of rage within them. There is no doubt about it because if we want someone to lose him/her temper then we don’t have to try very hard. Sometimes we don’t have to even try. We all can relate to it.

As I told a lot of people have anger and rage within them but they try to suppress it but when few drops of alcohol go inside them then their rage find expressions. Almost all of us have witnessed the ugliness of rage and violence at some point in our life.

Every one of us encounter problems and face hardships in our life. It is there for all of us. We can either choose to become valiant warriors or we can run away like cowards. It is the choice we all have.

Why Give Oneself Unnecessary Pain?

In my article how social media affects relationships, I have said that when a lot of information is thrown at us at great pace then after some time our mind gets overwhelmed by information. And whenever our mind gets overloaded by information then we lose our ability to think straight.

The one who has lost his/her ability to think straight, in that person hatred, jealousy and violence can be very easily triggered. Alcohol also makes a person incapable of thinking straight and sensibly because of that an alcoholic can very easily become violent and aggressive.

When people starts drinking alcohol as a means to suppress their frustration, tension, stress etc then after some time all these things builds up and takes a very big form. All these suppressed emotions find expressions in the form of domestic violence and other types of violence. The concoction of alcohol and relationships takes up a very ugly form after some time.

There is no point in ruining one’s relationships by alcohol. Alcohol and relationships are not a healthy cocktail. It creates indifference.  If you really care about yourself, your relationship, and the people around you then you must act responsibly and sensibly.

The Dumb Crowd

The consumption of alcohol makes the person emotionally volatile. An alcoholic may easily become frustrated on small things. This frustration slowly transforms itself into depressionADHDstress, and other mental illnesses.

In my article how to get rid of jealousy, I said that just because everyone around you is doing something then it doesn’t mean you must also do it. But unfortunately, a very few people have the courage to go against the crowd and peer-pressure.

A lot of people can see that the crowd in which they are walking is marching straight towards the dead end but still they cannot stop themselves from following the crowd. This is slavery.

We all want to be free from all the restrictions but there are a lot of people who are slaves of their addictions, compulsions etc. If someone really wants to experience freedom then first he/she must stop following the crowd blindly. I will end this article by saying that alcohol and relationships together are not a healthy cocktail. May all of you experience true freedom.

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