What LuvLeela Is About

Welcome to the LuvLeela.com, a small attempt to make this world a better place to live. When the world will stop seeing relationships as a means of extracting something from somebody and start seeing them as a means of giving and expressing their joy and happiness then this world will certainly become a better place to live.

Our goal is – To make people see relationships as a means of giving and expressing their joy and happiness.

This goal is not easy but together we can make it happen. How do we do this? We’ll provide you a lot of free content which will have a lot of value in it. Each post will first try to address your problem and after that, we’ll try to give you simple and practical methods or tips which will help you increase the quality of your relationships.

What It Has To Offer You!

You might have feared at some point of your life to express yourself to someone and after that, you may be beating yourself for not going after it. Fear may have also refrained you from standing against any injustice which may happen to you in a relationship or anywhere else near you. You may be drifting from one relationship to another only to feel like a crap in the end. Above all if you truly want to bring quality in your relationships and if you genuinely value them above everything then this site is for you.  We’ll help you come out of your darkness, not by fighting it but by bringing light in your life.

Who’s Paras Shivhare?

Hello there. My name is Paras Shivhare and I’m the main guy behind LuvLeela.com

I am a computer science student, a rebel, someone who has no respect for the status quo. I refused to be a spectator and I’ve decided to do something to bring clarity in other’s life. I’ve committed myself to this cause and I’m ready to roll my sleeves to work for it. I don’t believe in extracting something from somebody. I only preach giving and expressing love, joy, and happiness. I am doing this because I want to change the world and make this world a better place to live. This is not a small aspiration so I need your help and support to make it happen. The first step to change the world is to change our self. We have the grace of the god, let’s make it happen.