My name is Paras Shivhare and I’m the founder of LuvLeela.

This is me at Desert Safari Dubai
This is me at Desert Safari Dubai

I started LuvLeela after witnessing an exponential increase of depression in our society. When I looked at it carefully then I realized that one of the major causes of depression is the way people are handling their relationship.

In the life of a millennial breakup, unrequited love, and other things related to relationships are very big problems.

Another major reason for the rise of depression is unfulfilled desires. These desires are basically about material success and success in love. As the theme of my site is relationships and mental health so I decided to focus on the latter (success in love) along with the other two (relationships and mental health).

If you like my work then please tell your friends about it so that I can offer my help to them also.

P.S. NAMASKARAM means a process of salutations which is a ubiquitous part of Indian culture.