How To Fix A Rocky Relationship

There are many people out there who complain that their relationship is rough and the path in which they have to walk together is very tough. So how to fix a rocky relationship?
There are moments in a relationship where it lacks lubrication and faces resistance. During those times the trust that the couples have on each other plays a very significant role. But what if their entire journey is full of resistance? In that case, they just need a good lubrication so that their relationship can work smoothly without any or minimal friction. Let’s find out how we can bring smoothness in our relationship?

It All Depends On The Foundation

In some western countries before marrying couples sign a contract that in case they will separate or divorce then what will be the deal. Who will get the custody of kids, how many shares each one of them will get in a property etc clauses are added in a contract.
If the foundation of a relationship will stand on a contract like this then how can someone expect love and well-being from that relationship?
The home in which they will live shall not be home. It will become a marketplace where people are interested in what they will get from someone. You cannot call this love where everything is about extracting something from someone. It is called using not loving.
If a relationship will stand on the foundation of clause then all the aesthetics of it will be lost. There will be no beauty in that relationship as their home will become a marketplace where only transactions will happen.

Marketplace’s Rules

Let me tell you something about the rules of the marketplace. In a marketplace, if you can get a lot by paying less then you are considered smart. If your relationships will also follow the same rules of marketplace then without a doubt it will become very ugly. There will be no love in a relationship. All the juice and the beauty of it will be lost.

Bring The Aesthetics Back

In my article what relationships need I explained that to have a healthy relationship we must make our partner a priority. You have to focus on giving and bringing value in their life. If you genuinely love them then you will definitely feel happy when you will see them grow.
Love is not about following the rules of a marketplace. To really love someone you must be willing to give yourself entirely without expecting anything in return. Love starts happening from the moment when you make someone more important than you.
If you really love someone then you must strive to give a conducive environment to the person you love so that he/she can grow in life. If you truly love him/her then you will certainly feel happy when you see them grow and do well in life.
So how to fix a rocky relationship? Just understand the real meaning of love and don’t make your home a marketplace where everything is about giving and getting. Experience the joy of giving without expecting. Bring the aesthetics back in your relationship.
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