How To Get A Perfect Partner

Most of the people grow up watching or reading fairy tales. Almost everyone will tell you that fairy tale and life are two distinct things. Today I’ll tell you that your life can be a fairytale. It’s possible only and only if you are smart with life. So how to get a perfect partner? Just become smart with life.

Qualification required

If you would have read hundreds of books then you may have a lot to talk about in social gatherings. Seeing this person may perceive you as a smart person. But if you’re really smart with life then you must know how to be happy. If you know how to be happy then you are smart. It is a super simple concept.
Being happy or peaceful must not be the ultimate goal of life.  It is the fundamental prerequisite for life. We can’t do even a single thing properly without being in a peaceful state. Without being peaceful you can’t even enjoy your dinner tonight. So getting a perfect partner in a non-peaceful state is out of a question. Now you have a little idea about how to get a perfect partner. Let’s proceed further.
In my book Peace of mind say goodbye to boredom I have given very effective tips which can help you bring peace and stability in your life. You can practice these tips in your day to day life very easily. Without balance and stability, there is no growth.

How To Become Smart With Life

#Focus on bringing balance in your life: The most important part of any building is not it’s furnishing or external decoration. The most important part is its foundation. Without a strong and stable foundation, a building can not last long.
So to bring balance in your life lay a strong and stable foundation. To do that work on all the areas of life like career, relationship, health, recreation etc. So that if you face some turmoil in one area then other areas are there to cope with it.
#Learn to be gratefulIn India alone, around 600 million people will postpone their dinner tonight because they don’t have enough food to eat. The food that we eat, the shelter that our home provides and the facilities that we all enjoy on daily basis are not small things. Don’t take all these things for granted. Learn to be grateful.
Every day after waking up in the morning come up with at least 10 things which you are grateful for. It may be your family, food, shelter, sunlight etc. Again I repeat these are not small things. So don’t take all these things for granted.
#Smile for no reason: If you wake up in the morning then smile. Every time you check the time, smile. If you meet any person then smile. Keep on finding an excuse to smile.
#Learn to appreciate: The cold breeze which hits our face, the sunlight which kisses us on a cold day, the dance of the leaves when the wind blows. All these are beautiful things. Free yourself from your self-created humbug and learn to enjoy and appreciate.
#Dance for no reason: Some people are so stiff and rigid that they can’t even sing in their bathroom. After two or three drinks the exact same person starts dancing on street. I’m not against anything but making ourself stiff and rigid doesn’t make any sense. So learn to do everything like a dance or play.

How To Get A Perfect Partner

So how to get a perfect partner? Simple, just become smart with life. Don’t limit your happiness have multiple sources of happiness. This will make you judge and choose people effectively. 🙂
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