Why Relationships Become Stagnant

Why Relationships Become Stagnant

In the beginning, almost every relationship has a lot of vibrance. As the time passes this vibrance starts coming down. In my article What is love all about I explained that most of the relationships end because people take things for granted after some time even if it means a lot to them. In this article, I’ll try to point more reasons which will help you understand why relationships become stagnant after some time.

Are You Putting All The Eggs In One Basket?

After coming in a relationship most people stop doing small-small things which give them happiness. They stop hanging out with friends, giving time to their hobbies and doing small-small things which give them happiness and joy. They just rely entirely on their partner for their good mood (their happiness and joy) which is an invitation to disaster and turmoil. This is one of the reasons why relationships become stagnant. If you will put all your eggs in one basket then it simply means you are taking a lot of risk.
Even if your partner doesn’t want to hurt or insult, you may still feel insulted or hurt simply because of your gigantic expectations from your partner. If you’re in such a state where you rely totally on your partner for your good mood then you must change things quickly before it’s too late.

Whole Is Greater Than Parts

Don’t worry I’m not going to talk about Euclid’s geometry here; one of the most important thing which you must understand is- relationship is not life, it’s just a part of life.
You’ll see that most of the businessmen who have very successful career don’t have a successful marriage life. This happens because they only focus on one aspect of their life and they pay the price for their mistake. Similarly, some people just focus on their relationships and after that, they wonder why relationships become stagnant. To have balance and peace in life you must focus on all the aspects of life. Focus on all the aspects of life namely health, finance, career, family, recreation etc. While focusing on all these aspects of life think about long term, not about the short term solaces. It’s time to bring maturity in your life.

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The mingling, the bonding, which doesn’t work.

It goes up then comes down and makes us wonder, why this irrational thing?

The initial bliss becomes ecstasy but eventually, it comes below par and sinks.

The cycle repeats and leaves us in grief. Is this mingling a sin?

As it rises then falls.

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