What Is Love All About

What Is Love All About

What is love all about. I’ll answer this by first telling what it is not. When certain hormones like oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine or phenylethylamine pump in your body then you get the feeling of love. In the early stages of any romantic relationship, people get butterflies in their stomach. This happens because of phenylethylamine. Dark chocolate increases phenylethylamine in the body. You can do a simple experiment, just eat some dark chocolate and look in the eyes of someone (opposite sex). You’ll get the feeling of love even if you don’t find that person much attractive. Falling in love chemically is that easy.

Why These Hormones Flow?

If people love someone or something then they want to stay close to them. This happens because people think that by staying closer to them they can experience happiness and stay joyful. People can even love someone if they think that by staying close to them they can achieve or conquer something (it may be power, position or even a hope of fulfilling unfulfilled desires). Controlling or using someone can never be called love.
These hormones are also responsible for pushing man and woman closer. Survival and procreation are the only things which interest nature because of this once the need is fulfilled these hormones disappear. After this people start thinking why the hell they are together. It can not be called love it’s called compulsive need or desire.
I am calling it compulsive need because people are using it as a means to extract something from someone. It can never be called love. If the extraction is equal from both the sides then it may be called a transaction.
The goal of LuvLeela is to make people see relationships as a means of giving and expressing their joy and happiness rather than using it as a means to extract something from someone.

You Can Love Anything

Every living creature on this planet whether it’s a tree, an insect or any other animal all are working to sustain life on this planet. Humans are the only exception to it. We are doing the exact opposite of them. A study shows that if all the insects disappear from this planet tomorrow morning then within twenty-five years all the life on this planet will also disappear. And if we humans will disappear tomorrow morning then within twenty-five years this planet will be flourishing. We must understand that we need them. They don’t need us. Now, don’t you think that they are ones who need our love and affection? This clearly shows that we are completely off our senses.
Some people keep on enduring the injustice that happens to them in the name of love or some people stay with abusive partners and think why I am not getting love? My dear, you’re not getting love because you love the wrong person. Someone should be loved or not must be decided first. It is not a rocket science. Some integrity and sense are enough for this purpose. If people will not come to their senses then they will be used as door mats.

What Is Love All About

Now I must tell you what is love all about. Loving someone means that you are making someone else more important than you. Love does not happen when someone gives a gift or looks into your eyes in a certain way.
Love starts happening from the moment when you decide to make someone more important than you.
Love is when you are willing to give yourself entirely to someone without asking anything in return.
Love is when you are even ready to die for someone because you’ve made someone more important than you.
Love is a sweetness of your emotion. It’s not a compulsive need or a controlling behavior.
Love can not be anything else. Love is definitely not a transaction or a means to use someone as a door mat. Unfortunately, people around are the world are doing all kinds of nasty things in the name of love. At least use the right word to define your bodily, social or other type of needs. Why contaminate the word love?

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