Stress in Relationships

Stress in Relationships

Nowadays everyone is talking about stress management. Doesn’t matter what people are doing they are getting stress. They constantly complain that they are facing stress in relationships, workplace etc. So what is the antidote to stress?

You cannot fight darkness

No one can fight the darkness. We can only bring light to our life so that we can see clearly. Bringing light in our life is enough. If you will click on the ‘blog button’ you’ll see one category ”confidence with clarity’.
The name of that category is ‘confidence with clarity’, not something like ‘build confidence’ or ‘develop confidence’. WHY? Let’s find out.
Suppose you have to cross an Indian road. If you are an Indian or have visited India then you might know that to cross Indian roads we have to look at both the sides of the road. Now things are rapidly changing but still in some cities traffic is pathetic.
Now if a person who doesn’t have a clear sight wants to cross the road then what he can do? If he has some sense then he will ask for help but what if he is super confident. He will just run and try to cross the road. He might make it because of his luck or the compassion of the drivers. But again and again, if he will do it then we all know what will happen with him.
On the other hand, if he has clear sight then he will see both sides of the road and cross it without any danger. The danger is always there on Indian roads but I hope you got the point.
You may think this is only applicable on Indian roads but it’s not true. It’s applicable in each and every aspect of life. Just think about the government or financial advisors whose advice or decision affect millions of people. Think about all types of people involved in consultancy business. Most of them don’t have any clarity about what they are doing and how the situation is. But they are confident people. Now you can imagine why and how they are creating all this mess around the world.
Our world is suffering this only. It is suffering a lack of clarity and lots of confidence. You can clearly see that confidence without clarity is an invitation to disaster.

Stress management

People are encountering stress in relationships and in other areas of their life because they are focusing and aspiring for fruit but they don’t give any attention to the root.
In my article, how to get success in love, I explained that if we want to achieve or get something in life, forget about the fruit and just focus on the root. Nowadays people are only interested in outcomes. They don’t give a damn about the process. This pattern of focus is one of the reasons of encountering stress.

Competence is the deciding factor

To get success in the physical world or to get material success depends on too many parameters. Doesn’t matter what you are after, it may be becoming or achieving something or influencing someone.
As a human being the only thing which we can do is act or work and how gracefully we can work determines the quality of our life. Things or situations shall not yield unless and until someone works on himself/herself. The deciding factor will always be competence.

Dead serious

These are some of the photos which are clicked by me using my iPhone.

Sometimes a smile from a stranger, gentle cold breeze, a good laugh, setting or rising sun etc can make our day. These are not small things. They are very important. For most of the people life means late night party, clubbing etc. I am not against anything but these are just arrangements of life which are designed by us, it isn’t life.
Life happens when the flower blossoms, when the sun rises, when the full moon comes up and light the night sky. I am just telling you to put things in perspective.
Just ignore everything which makes your life beautiful, the smile of an infant child, fragrance the flower, the face of your loved ones etc. Just do this for three days. On the fourth day, you will not have any reason to live.
So never try to become deadly serious about life. If we say someone is in serious condition then we know what is the next stage. So stop killing yourself in installments.

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