Learn To Love Yourself

Learn To Love Yourself

There are many philosophers nowadays who are teaching that you must learn to love yourself. Let’s throw some more light on this topic.
My site LuvLeela is about true love and lifelong relationships. It is for those who see a relationship as a lifelong commitment. In my article on self-love, I have said that true love and self-obsession cannot coexist. So if you really want to love someone truly then you must know how to put someone else first.

True love means you have made someone else more important than you. So why people are propagating the idea of ‘learn to love yourself’?

Why Must You Learn To Love Yourself?

It is not about the situation, it is entirely about the person who is facing or handling the situation. For instance, person ‘A’ may completely lose his mind and balance whilst facing a certain situation on the other hand person ‘B’ may go through it effortlessly.
You might be thinking how it is related to our topic learn to love yourself? It is directly related.

Why Are People Propagating The Idea Of Learning To Love Yourself?

Nowadays people are propagating the idea of learning to love yourself because they have never worked on themselves.
In my last article how to get out of the friend zone I have explained how Lord Krishna dismissed all such things in one line, he said Yogastaha Kuru Karmani this means without working on himself/herself if someone will try to work then he/she will not do anything properly. Every work or task will be a struggle for that person.

Mango Season Is Coming

In India, people go crazy when mango season comes. This is because we are crazy for mangoes. Again you might be thinking how mangoes are related to our topic learn to love yourself?
It is not related but I will relate them. There are a lot of people who want mangoes but they don’t give a damn about mango trees.
Just by dreaming about mangoes and their sweetness they won’t come. First, you must sow a seed. You must water it, take care of it, protect it, and allow sufficient sunlight to fall into it.
After all this, you have to do the most important thing which is waiting. Dreaming or aspiration is not enough. A lot of people don’t understand this.


Waiting, an Immense Possibility

You can go beyond your shallowness if you know how to wait.

If you can patiently wait then you can enjoy the beauty of everything.

You can go beyond the threshold.You can transcend monotony.

The indispensable prerequisite is a quality which is referred as waiting.

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This Is The Reason

Nowadays a lot of famous bloggers and influential people are also saying that it is important to be selfish. Why?
What is selfishness? Selfishness means that you must put yourself first. But to truly love someone we must know how to put someone else first.
Those people are saying selfishness is important because somewhere they have realized what Krishna said more than 3500 years ago. But they didn’t understand it completely.
If you will work in this world without giving yourself sufficient time or without working on yourself then you will struggle with each and every task that you will perform.

Working On Oneself Is The Message

There is no need to love yourself because the one who puts himself or herself first cannot love someone in a true sense.
But working on oneself is very important. If you really want to do something good in your life and if you care about yourself and the people around you then working on yourself is of paramount importance.
Love and respect are earned. People who are incompetent of earning respect and love propagate stupid philosophies. They don’t have any understanding of life.
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