how depression affects relationships

How Depression Affects Relationships

How depression affects relationships? Nowadays the number of people who are facing depression and other mental illnesses are increasing exponentially. On the other hand, the amount of comforts and physical well-being we are enjoying is also increasing exponentially. Now the question is if our physical comforts and conveniences are increasing then we must see less tension and depression around but the opposite is happening. WHY? This is because we are not handling the fundamentals of life properly.
In my book Goodbye! DEPRESSION I gave very simple yet powerful tools which will help you in handling the fundamentals of our life well. This book doesn’t give lame advice like talk to your best friend about your problems, think positively, be optimistic, take a break from life, travel somewhere etc. We all know these bits of advice never give any significant results. We all know this by experience.

How Depression Affects Relationships?

If you are not physically and mentally healthy then each and every aspect of your life will suffer including your relationships, finance, and career.
Yesterday a friend of mine Aditi who was my junior in my school messaged me. She said “you think everything in a different way. You write well and you are able to convince your point of view to the reader. And the best thing part is they spread positive vibes.”
Ignore everything she said excluding the last line. She said after reading or while reading my articles she experiences positivity or positive vibes. This is true with each and every article of mine. If you will read them then you will feel or experience some joy and pleasantness. It is because my work is an expression of my bliss and joy.
I don’t work or write to achieve something or feel happy. This will be hard for some people to digest but I am telling you the truth. I write because I experience joy and bliss within me. This joy and bliss find expressions in the form of my work. CONFUSED? Allow me to bring some clarity.

It’s All About Rituals

After waking up in the morning I do meditation for about 22 minutes. I want to ask a question to you. When was the last time you saw the sunrise or sunset? I try my best not to miss them because when I see these natural phenomenas I completely forget who I am in those moments. It might have also happened with you while watching a very tight finish sport like cricket or football. Sometimes it happens when we are completely engaged in doing something. We forget who we are. The world doesn’t exist for us in those moments. Everything vanishes except that moment. I love those moments.
Whilst seeing the sunrise I do some yoga practices. After that, I go on a morning walk. I love to walk in woods and places where nature is alive. After coming back from the walk I sometimes crisscross my city with my car.
After performing all my rituals I don’t care about what will happen to me or around me during the day because each of my body’s cell drips with bliss and joy. My work is just an expression of this.

It’s Within You

People try to seek happiness by doing or achieving something. They must stop doing this because happiness is not hiding somewhere in Bermuda triangle. It is within us.
Nowadays people are so busy in achieving and conquering that they forget to give time to themselves. In my article stress in relationships, I said that while trying to achieve something people become dead serious about everything. A person who is dead serious will naturally ignore everything beautiful which is happening around him/her.
If you really want to be joyful and peaceful then the first and the foremost thing which you must do is to give time to yourself. You must develop some rituals for yourself. If you will not develop them then simple activities that you perform will give you stress and anxiety. It is said in Gita (Hindu scripture) Yogastaha Kuru Karmani. It means first you must establish yourself within then only you must work.
If you don’t even have few minutes for yourself every day then this means you neither care about yourself nor for the people around you. Stop wasting your precious time.

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