Abusive Relationship

Abusive Relationship

Is it healthy for any person to live in an abusive relationship? It is very unfortunate that there are many people who keep on asking this question to themselves. These people are in a constant fight within themselves. A part of them wants to end the relationship and the other part wants them to stay in a relationship because they are mad for someone. I’ve started this blog because I genuinely want to help such people. Today in this article I will answer one of the most asked question, heart or mind, whom should you listen? I will give you very appropriate and to the point answer.

Heart or mind

If you are old enough then you might have heard people asking, should I listen to my mind or heart? Most of us have heard this question. I am going to answer this question but first, let me correct the question a bit. Basically what they are asking is should I listen to my thoughts or my emotions? What they are referring to as heart is nothing but emotions or the way they feel. And obviously, mind means their thought process which includes logical thinking. Albert Einstein said everything is relative. Though I am not as great as him but still I will say the same thing. Einstein has given a theory which proves that space and time are not two different things. Initially, they may look as two different things but they are not. Similarly, our thoughts and our emotions are not two different things. If you will give some time to yourself then you will realize that if we are happy then we also think in a positive way or we focus on the positive side of our life. Same is true when we are miserable. Initially, they may differ from each other but after some time they will come in sync. So to take right decisions in our life we just have to give some time to ourself. If we will do that without lying to ourself then we will take the right decision for sure.

I am mad for someone

In my article what is love all about I explained that the feeling that we have for someone is nothing but a flow of certain hormones in our body. And it is not a reliable source because it goes up and down as the situation around us changes. I said that if we want to have a healthy relationship then we must have more depths and dimensions in it. In an abusive relationship, a person may want to hold a relationship because he/she has some feelings for someone. But if the pain will be the only thing which that person will get then after some time even that feeling will go. Let me tell you something very clearly. My words may hurt but trust me I want to help you, I am your friend. When all the feelings will go and the pain will be the only thing that you will get then breaking up will hurt you the most. So if the pain is the only thing you are getting from a relationship then it’s time to separate.

What should I do now?

As a true friend, I am advising you before deciding anything give some to yourself. Focus on all the things which I have talked about. After that take the right decision. In my book how to get over a break up and divorce effortlessly, I have given very simple yet powerful tips to get over the excruciating pain of separation effortlessly. The methods or tips which are given in this book are so powerful that for most of the people just 3-5 days will be enough to get over their breakup. There are no silly bits of advice in this book like burn all your photos, delete your messages, give yourself affirmations like stay strong, etc. They all fail to give any significant result.

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